Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu

Just have been on an awesome vacation in Tamil Nadu, India. My husband's family is staying in a small town called Sivakasi, which is famous for the firecracker industry. Before the trip I wanted to know more about the town, and was trying to get a glimpse through Google images, Instagram photos, etc  but unfortunately I could not find too much. People might be more busy there with something else than taking pics and post it on the social media hehe. 

A skooty is a must in India!
I loved the crazy rides on the Indian roads so much! I was very scared though, coz' no rules, or it seems nobody follows any while driving, I really felt our life is totally in God's hand as safety is the last thing people think about there! Simply crazyyyy when you are trying to get way with your small bike among the other bikers, huge trucks and buses, and you have to be careful not to hit a freely roaming cow, goat or dog either in the middle of the road! Everyone is driving on the same line and no traffic lights either. It is not a rare sight either, that the whole family of four is sitting on one bike at once without any protection. They say if one can learn to drive in India that will be able to manage it anywhere else in the world..

All my respect to the lady drivers and elders too for their courage on the roads! 

Kavitha Textiles

If you go to Tamil Nadu, the biggest tourist attractions are the beautiful Hindu temples. You can find them everywhere, not only inside the centers but on the road sides too, where seemingly no one lives only a small temple stands.

Sivakasi town is not an exception either so there are plenty of small and big temples walking distance from each other almost at every corners. 

One of the most famous among them is a Kali temple, the Sri Bhadrakali Amman Temple :

They say, It has the biggest tower (Gopuram) ever built for a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kali

(Kali temples are my favorites in Singapore too, see earlier post here)

Actually, photo taking is not allowed inside, but luckily I could take some before they have noticed me..
This restriction has an interesting system in India. Basically, we tourists must respect religious premises of course. I guess a simple common sensitivity would be enough to decide where to take out the camera and where not. The other fact is, that these places are great architectural and cultural studies, so obviously most people wants to capture the beauty of them for educating purposes and to show it to those, who can not visit them.
The management of the temples know it well, so they want to make the best of it by asking money for "camera tickets" in most Hindu temples. So it seems the restriction is not for respecting the devotees sentiments <sarcastic>.

In this temple they don't ask money, so their priority was the religious sentiments when they warned me not to take photos.. Hope my pictures do not hurt anyone :)

 Different forms of Kali Amman can be seen on the temple's inner walls:

The one in the middle is the most familiar to me, while she kills the demon by depicting its head:

The another hindu temple I have been to is a Siva temple (Sivan Koil, Kasi Viswanatha Swamy Temple).

I loved that cute cow in front of the temple's gate!!

For the festival of Vinayagar Chaturthi a nice temporary Ganesh statue has been erected near the temple.

Ganesh (Vinayagar,Pillayar) surrounded by children

There are two small temples among the shop houses:

The town was in Vinayagar Chaturthi festival mood:

I used to think that a small town like Sivakasi can be a boring place, but I was wrong, as there are lots of interesting things to see for a first time visitor, much more than what my post covers. All the craziness can be found here too what only India can offer! 

Sivakasi, hope to see you again soon! 
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